A Right Perspective

THAT IS the human experience:
to take on ONE perspective, out of infinite possible ones, and make it subjectively Right
to create a personality around it
to embrace and protect it
to live it

knowing the perspective is not static
knowing it is only one of many

blogging writing authentic creative expression

Children Drowning In The Noise

The blogging world is a cocktail party I really don’t want to go to, but I’m craving connection so I go anyway! To unhappy people selling happiness. Wannabe writers selling writing advice. Wannabe bloggers selling blogging advice. The damn “how to” and “10 ways to…” blogs that speak to our shortcut wired brains and fill them up like viruses.

authenticity spirituality inspiration

I, Dragon Soul

like most people
I simply wish to inspire POSITIVE CHANGE
and – as proven
I can do that by sharing MY thoughts, MY feelings, and MY actions

not necessarily wisdom and advice


I guess neither food nor feelings care if they’re eaten, once they have been slaughtered and prepared. And oh have I slaughtered – I better just serve it…

I give you raw feelings on a plate of words, for you to eat if you’re hungry and leave if you’re not. Naked confessions in bleeding pain gravy. Slow-cooked thoughts and sliced perspectives, decorated with metaphors and seasoned with philosophical herbs.

Welcome to the table.

Enjoy the meal.