Ten Poems

Love, or Lack Thereof

Many of my most vulnerable pieces deal with the feeling of safety, or lack thereof. The feeling of love, or lack thereof. Really, with the perceived presence or absence of God in my life.

War tells the raw story of desperate fear and loneliness. Swimming and I’m Here, You’re Safe the story of being saved and healed, whilst Deep Water Love is an attempt to put words to the deepest love.

The Inside World

Songs To Be Sung and To Die For looks at pain as the catalyst for purpose. A metaphor for the metaphor of the cross we carry. Fall Out Of Ending reflects on the cycles of things and the necessity to let go, whilst Hurricane Grief is the story of being forced to.

The Outside World

We Signed Without Reading the Fine Print was a reaction to the #lockusdown hashtag that floated Australia in the very early days of the pandemic. The People That Couldn’t Stop Counting explores the problem with excess order, trying to bring everything into the light with no room for remainders. Warriors of Responsibility encourages us to recognise our interconnectedness, and take responsibility for each other.