Who am I?

I am many
should I introduce ourselves?


in all honesty, I’ve hated her
I’ve despised her intelligence, her strength, her protection and guidance
like a teenager, I’ve rebelled
fighting her, tooth and nail

now, I can finally high-five my executive warrior
it was HER leadership that kept me alive all these years
it was SHE who came with me to the center of the Earth and back
she, powerful yet compassionate and just
a loyal leader

but all she really wants is to run free
playing with ideas in the garden


oh, my gracious muse
always dancing to invisible music

I hear her bubbling laugh as she swirls through the veils of worlds, leaving a pink trail of sprinkled joy, hope and beauty
she is laughter, passion, lust
and she’s on an adventure

who am I to interfere?


every morning
she awakes, excited
with an irresistible urge to throw feelings on white canvas
and colour this human experience

she lives in a magic land
where nothing is real
where ALL is real
painting never ending stories
– tragedies, comedies, epic dramas and fantasies –
ALL beautiful
ALL true


my Soul is the hand that aligns me with myself

I am not religious
– I don’t crave the structure, nor the pre-typed answers
I am not a believer, I’m a FEELER
and this is what I feel:

my Soul is the voice that asks me to integrate my body, my mind and my heart
so that we can move forwards in this world as one
in one clear direction
internally aligned as well as in alignment with that around us
like all other organisms on this Earth

gravity is pulling me down
but Soul is the force pulling me FORWARDS
and like with gravity:

I’ll die if I resist it

they are all writing
they, and a bunch of other aspects of me


I am Mind, Body and Heart
Thoughts, Matter and Feelings

I am Yin and I am Yang
– the Feminine, the Masculine

I am the fearful Child and the wise old Woman

I am Darkness, I am Light
I am Broken, I am Whole
I am me, I am you
I am Separate, I am ALL

containing them: a crystal ball
a shape I call

dragon soul feelings wisdom truth

One Reply to “I, Dragon Soul”

  1. I saw this on wild women. It is beautiful. Understanding duality is a big part of my healing from the hard things in life and bring thankful for the good ones. It’s incredible how perfectly you put it into words. Thank you.

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