Through Broken Mirrors

we need to see our own reflection
in broken mirrors
to see who we really are


I’ve asked myself lately:
what am I excited about
as I look into the distorted mirror of a highly reactive world

for things are never as they seem
we all have our subconscious reasons for wanting chaos around us
and no, we don’t act out of fear
but desire

desire for safely then, you’d say
but there’s more in the broken mirror
altruistic sacrifice?
craving for change, for the fast-paced world to slow down?
or speed up?

there are needs we are meeting in roundabout ways
and only knowing what we’re gaining
can we know if it’s worth the price

(scribbles from mid March 2020, the early days of Covid-19 when everyone was screaming ‘lock us down!’)

What do you feel?

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