Warriors of Responsibility

there are times in a life
when a man is an island
landmass, safety for the wrecked
stillness in stormy waters

there are times when an island KNOWS it’s an island
feels furious waves crushing
wind whipping the trees
aware of its smallness
in a powerful sea

times this awareness leaves man tempted to sink
in water, belonging
in water, surrender
a voice inside crying:
(some famous guy said so)
but why is there water on all sides of me?!?

am I not a man?!?


there are times in a life
when we’re forced to go deeper
deeper below to find stable ground
below all the water
there is landmass that holds us
in place
and connects us to every man’s land

there’s a point in our lives
we accept that we’re islands
we build us a lighthouse
to guide those at sea
as peaks of high mountains
we’re part of the landscape
we’re warriors
of responsibility

What do you feel?

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