On Valentine’s Day

me, validating your perspective
you, prompting your perspective

me, feeling your hurt
you, fearing your hurt

me, defending your feelings
you, defending your image

me, desperate for your harmony
you, desperate for your control


the second the world fell apart
we became the opposite sides
of the same, damaged coin

the second the world fell apart
we broke into old pieces
we broke into old patterns:

me, sacrificing truth
you, sacrificing trust


beautiful flowers on my bedside table
a card with an honest ‘I love you’

we’ll get through it together‘, was all we needed


I lost you
as you free-fell into your pain
a place where only you exist

I lost me
as I free-fell into your pain
desperate to find you there, to not be left alone

and so you lost me, too

we didn’t love ourselves enough, I guess
on Valentine’s Day

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