On Love and Fear

I ask if you would blindfold me
and lead me to belonging
but halfway there I’m freaking out
afraid – I cannot see!

afraid you take me to a dungeon
leave me lonely
leave me frozen
afraid it is a prison that your mind will build for me


I ask you to hold on to me
I lean out trough the window
to pick some fruit of Truth for us
that grows just out of reach

but halfway done I’m freaking out
feeling falling!
safety slipping
not trusting your hands strong enough, I fall to death beneath


I ask of you to stay with me
the night is dark and eerie
the wind is whispering memories
that stir up dusty fear

but halfway through you’re out of sight
you’re out of touch
I’m freaking out!
afraid your heart’s run off
it too
and left me here…

What do you feel?

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