the hardest thing to forgive
is that I haven’t forgiven myself

and the ’now’ keeps on moving
and my life pass me by
whilst I’m chasing my tail
my tail of forgiveness
that’s always been there
right behind me


we’ve all made sacrifices

all my life, I’ve sacrificed ‘belonging’
for the sake of ‘enlightenment’ – to find my truth

it’s never felt possible to combine the two
to be me, authentic, amongst you

like a hermit in a cave I’ve protected my solitude
journeying this world from the inside, alone

only to understand, as enlightenment strikes
that BELONGING is my truth

only to see, in the bright flash of lightning
the irony

that we will always sacrifice the same thing we are looking for
as we’re chasing our tails, for eternity
to become what we already are


What do you feel?

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