Stepping Into my Garden

I stepped out of my house
and into my garden


my garden reminds me of you

I look away
and you go wild
I make a plan
but you grow in a different direction
I give you a sunny spot
with fertile soil and I water and water
but you don’t like me trying to change you
and you die on me

my garden requires attuned attention
weeding and pruning
water and fertile soil
to be seen – what is wanted?
to be felt – what is needed?
to be loved

just like you


sometimes I don’t pay attention…

overwhelmed and out of control
relying on…chance?
I hide in my house
a place more controllable, less uncertain
until love pulls me out
to see and to feel
I weed, I prune, I water and fertilise
and we get back on track
we are ONE again

it’s a garden of organic relationships
where unpredictability rules
reminding me to let go
whilst holding, softly, softly


my garden reminds me of me

of my innate essence of existence
of my permanent impermanence
my cycles of growth and rest
of life and death

I find things – ideas
and I stick them in pots and see if they grow
frangipani branches
star jasmine from the side of the road
some thrive
some die

I see things – visions
a grand entrance trough a macadamia avenue
a pool where we lay and feel abundant
and I date them for a while
let them exist in my reality
before I know
if they are truly part of me or not



I stepped out of my house
and into my beautiful garden

I stepped out of myself
and into my beautiful world

What do you feel?

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