Day and Night

EMBRACING CONTRAST | A simple little poem on our human fear of the dark; of the invisible, the shadows, the monsters we’ve hidden under our beds. 

There’s no day without night, no summer without winter, no life without death. We can never be whole as long as we deny half of what we are, fight it with artificial light or try to outrun it, following the sun west west west in an endless pursue of happiness. 

This is my fight for equality. By integrating what we disown within ourselves, our pain and our fear, we integrate also the reflections in society. When we can treat ALL aspects of ourselves with equal love, can we but treat each other the same? 

you fear the night
that’s half the day!
you want the darkness to be light

I love the night
and all it hides
I want the darkness to shine bright!

I bring the darkness
into light
so you can see what gives you fright

you get uncomfortable
smile tight
as I put pain out in plain sight

you rather sleep
all through the night
and worship daylight from your height

I want it ALL
BOTH day and night
don’t make one wrong, the other right!

don’t take
your artificial light
and blind me, so no stars I sight

there’s just ONE day
BOTH dark and light!
let’s LIVE ALL DAY, both day and night!


What do you feel?

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