I, Dragon Soul

authenticity spirituality inspiration

Welcome to the new look and feel of ‘Can You Feel It’, now ‘I, Dragon Soul’. Still serving raw feelings on a plate of words. Still hoping you can feel it. 

earlier today
I had coffee with the cabdriver who picked me up at Brisbane airport ten days ago

he wanted to thank me

whilst driving me home, he’d realised he is lying to himself
he has now made the decision to change his life
and he wanted to express his gratitude

this happens
I have that effect on strangers


during the two hour drive in the early morning hours
I asked no wise questions
I gave no good advice
I simply shared my inner world
and the sometimes hard choices I make to keep in alignment

a stranger asked
and I answered

I’ve rebranded my blog

in the last few days
I’ve been trying to express the WHYs
trying to draw some shape around myself
whilst saying that I’m shapeless

I really REALLY over-complicate things…

today I realised
that like most people
I simply wish to inspire POSITIVE CHANGE
and – as proven
I can do that by sharing MY thoughts, MY feelings, and MY actions

not necessarily wisdom and advice


we are many preaching emotional freedom and a life in flow
Step out of your self-created cages
with iron bars made out of fear!
but how many of us are REALLY living as we preach
in EVERY aspect of our lives?

by committing to living true to my values and needs
by being authentic and real about sometimes failing miserably
by sharing my journey

I hope I can give something, to somebody


we don’t have to be teachers to teach
we can be healers
and we can be alchemists of our own lives

What do you feel?

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