Gracious Rebel

THE COWARD | On the rebel inside that wants to break free, but only gracefully. Without disturbing. Without hurting. Without taking a stand against the fear and the voices whispering ‘conform!’.

a gracious rebel
all your life
rebelling, but oh so peacefully

did anyone notice
when you gave them the finger
a graceful gesture
when you told them to fuck off

when you refused by leaving
resisted by staying
objected by saying
excuse me, but


creating boundaries

rocking the boat to the beat of sweet music

oh gracious rebel
I’m right beside you!
fuck the grace
just speak your TRUE VOICE
no need to rebel
you ARE the rebel!
a gracious rebel
rebelling against the voice inside you
telling you to conform


One Reply to “Gracious Rebel”

  1. so happy these are returning to my life. you are a gift beyond gifts. i’ll be in sydney late Jan. excited to see you. hopefully.

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