Standing At A Window Looking In

there’s a little girl standing at the window looking in


inside a fireplace is burning, the Christmas tree is lit
family and friends are gathered, laughing and playing
the little girl smiles as she watches their joy
standing at the window looking in


outside it’s dark, it’s a cold winter’s night
the little girl shivers, oblivious
her attention is inside, absorbing the joy through the layers of glass
soaking up feelings like an old dried out sponge


in her heart, she’s in there with them
in the room warmed up by love and fire

in her heart, there is no glass between them
no window to look through

and so she never thinks of asking
if she could come in to the warmth
through the front door

1 Comment

  1. Yes, in our hearts we are always together! There are no window panes, closed doors och distances separating one from the other. But God, how I miss your hug!

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