Fall Out of Ending

When I grew up we watched american movies astound that they never ended their phone calls with ‘Goodbye!’.


I feel threads hanging, I feel the slow fading of conversations and relationships.
The uncertainty and insecurity in the air.
Because we are not mind-readers.
We are story makers.

Everything complete has a beginning, a middle, an end. Cycles need to be closed, or I am stuck in endings, and nothing can start anew. Once I know the middle is gone, I need to allow the falling into over, enabling beginnings and middles again.

Only in the middle, with trust and integrity established, does silence feel safe.
Only in the middle can sentences be left without punctuation mark.
Using silence for anything else is lying.

I should know where I am in my cycles; the micro, the macro, the life.
So I thank you for now and I wish you good luck.
I hug you and bid you goodbye.
I fall out of ending, into over and done, where beginnings are waiting to bring me to middles.

Short middles to bring me to endings. Long endings – growth forced by challenges put in my way.
Places I don’t want to stay.
Beautiful middles in places I love, where belonging can nourish my soul.

Am I coming, am I staying, am I leaving.
Am I spring, am I summer, or fall.

What do you feel?

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