The Art of Fighting and Forgiving

yesterday we had a fight
I screamed at you that I love you, but I don’t like you lately
we have VALUES!!!
what happened to those?!?
what happened to integrity?!?

I cried as you tried to explain yourself
because I know the stories, too
and yes it’s been hard
but still, we have VALUES!!!
who are we if we allow them to be compromised?!?
regardless of what happens in our life

I gave you a hard time
I told you my disappointment, my anger, my sadness, my frustration
and you took it like a man
you let me rant until I was done
and then you held me
and we forgave each other and promised to do better
to be honest
to be intentional
to live our values
to trust each other

yesterday we had a fight
and today
what was broken is whole
what was shattered is one
what was out of alignment is balanced in the centre

the clingy past has let go of its grip
the present is calm and loving
the future inviting with its shimmering light
and I am filled with gratitude
that we have learned the art of fighting and forgiving

Myself and I

the most important relationship
the most important love


What do you feel?

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