And I break up with you
And I take you back
I condemn your actions and I forgive you
Acknowledging that you’re only trying your best to exist in my presence
You poor man…

And I apologize for my fears
And I love you for your patience
And I praise my self-control, that this whole drama is safely contained within me
That you don’t even notice
Because I’m keeping you away
And that makes me sad – I want to have you close!
I want to share the crazy wild storms with you
But who could possibly stand a weather like this?
All the forces of mother nature hitting at once
A few minutes of armageddon
Before the world calms down again
And we can enjoy the blue skies and the warm breeze from the ocean together


Everybody wants sunshine
I’m alone in the storm, shouting truth into the wind for no one to hear
And alone, I hear nature’s beautiful answer

What do you feel?

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