We go on an adventure
A road trip to the west side of our city
You get your root canals filled
I go on vacation: Lebanon, Afghanistan, West Africa

I walk the streets and the world moves through me
Me and life, experiencing each other
Me and life exploring together with childlike awe

“Abdul’s Nuts”
“Mina’s Bakery – oregano, cheese, pizza.”
“No oregano after 4pm”, a sign declares inside

I love signs
I breathe in the words and let them fill me up
In these signs I am a foreigner
I read and smell and hear a far away world
Here, on the west side of our city

Your root canals are eventually full enough
I return from vacation and we continue our road trip together
Both excited
Heading west again
For a business trip to Alexandria and a cultural mini-holiday in Darlinghurst
But I don’t know that

To me, it’s you and me and life having fun
To me it’s simply


What do you feel?

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