My Burgling Days Are Over

I will not climb your wall

I looked into your eyes and I saw it there – the wall
Three times I blinked and looked again to be sure
And I knew I had to let it be

No, with you, I only want to be let in through the front gate
And that big iron gate is closed now, locked with heavy chains

So I stay out

No trespassing this time

No climbing, breaking in and comfortably sitting down on the couch, knowing that you’ll eventually like having me there, once the chock subsides
You always do surrender to a female burglar, you men

I’ve climbed because you’ve challenged me, arrogantly thinking you’re safe behind those walls
I’ve climbed because I’ve felt lonely, because I’ve craved friendship and connection
But I’ve never meant to steal a heart!
I know it never ends well, the falling in love with a burglar – hearts are to be given to those invited through front doors


You keep that wall if you need it, and come find me if you want to let me in
I might be around

And I would not try to steal anything

My burgling days are over

What do you feel?

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