Our Flashlights, Our Beliefs

Like flashlights in the night we shine our beliefs around us
Anxious about the shadows they cast
Eager to be joined by others, to expand our common light
That would move the shadows further away
They will still be there though
The shadows
At the outskirts of the light


Whatever I believe, exists
My angels and demons are real because I’ve given birth to them
And they will stay alive until I no longer breathe life into their existence
I have a choice
With every breath, I have a choice:
To let go of both angels and demons
To turn off the flashlight
And embrace the natural darkness
A darkness lit up only by the sun, the moon and the stars
Ancient, wordless wisdom, not beliefs


The space that’s created in the absence of beliefs is as vast as the universe around us, and that’s probably what scares us
The thought of empty space within
A nothingness we spend all our lives trying to fill; with religion, with spirituality, with science and facts
With ideas of purpose and destiny
To create a comforting density

But our natural state is empty of beliefs
Our natural state is empty space
Sprinkled with stars of ancient wisdom

What do you feel?

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