Do The Trees in the Forest Fall in Silence?

You see that I don’t have a truth
And you pity me


Do the trees in the forest fall in silence if no one is there to hear?
Are the trees even there when no one is watching?
I don’t know, and I’m slowly making peace with it
I no longer need to know

You invite me into the forest, you, one of the forest people, and you say “See! Trees!”, then you tell me “Listen!”, and yes, I see the trees and I hear the sound of them falling
I can understand your beliefs and I’m not questioning you
I too know that right now, when I’m standing here looking and listening, they bow and they sigh as they fall to the ground
But that experience does not change anything for me
It’s a true perception, but it’s not my truth
I walk out of your forest and as you disappear out of sight maybe you too have ceased to exist
I don’t know


You want to help me see the truth, YOUR truth
To awaken
But maybe I am awake, wide awake
Maybe truth is the dreamland where we’re sleeping

I cannot know

What do you feel?

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