The Treasure Hunt

Life is a treasure hunt with individually customised maps
Revealed to us only when the time is right

I’ve been standing here for so long now, waiting for my map
Watching people around me getting their instructions and run for it
And their excitement has been catching, making me sometimes run with them
Until I remember again
Out of breath, slightly lost
Remember that it’s THEIR map we’re running with, not mine
That my map has not yet been given to me
And that maybe I will never get it I’m off hunting for someone else’s treasure!

Over and over again I remember, and then forget
Forget and try to get a head start by assuming the direction
Because I feel left behind
Because I feel judged and judge myself
Because I feel I’m wasting time, waiting patiently instead of running
Patience is no longer taught as a virtue
Action is the virtue in our world
Impatient minds dictating the values
Impatient minds that are sometimes lucky, accidentally running in the right direction


I remember

Exhausted again, I walk back to my crossroad
Where my heart is telling me to wait
To conserve my energy
To be ready for my instructions when the time is right
And to then run, walk or crawl – whatever I’m capable of
To find MY treasure


What do you feel?

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